Welcome to Garima

Supporting the mental health of survivors of domestic violence against women with dignity and pride

Based on years of collective experience and the best available evidence, the team at SNEHA has worked with Indian, regional and international partners to put together this immersive guide to give practical advice for situations you may encounter
What’s in the package?
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Before Meeting Her

How to get ready
What to think about
Core skills

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The Consultations

What to ask
What to say
What to do

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Additional Modules

More information
More skills to learn
More things to think about

MEET Garima

Garima is like you
She is someone who meets with survivors of violence against women. All women are different and so are all counselors. Like you, Garima may be a counselor, social worker or mental health professional in a public institution or non-government organization


“Our focus is currently on crisis intervention. However, we need to learn how to address mental health issues while addressing crisis, especially depression.”

Social work counsellor


“We find ‘guilt’ is very difficult to overcome and it leads to depression. We look forward to tools that we can use to help address guilt in the survivor.”



“We mainly employ a legal framework when we work with survivors. However, we all need practical and feasible tools to address the first-line needs of mental health too.”



“Frontline workers must be equipped with tools not only to work on survivors’ mental health needs, but also for their self-care. Content around this will be very helpful.”

Trafficking counselor